Sober Living Services - What Halfway House Offers Recovery Residents

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NARR Level 1 or 2 Services

The Reserve Sober Living in Nashville, Tennessee, offers the best in Luxury Sober Living Nashville TN.  We have Private Bedrooms, Upscale Furniture and our Services include:  Meditation, Yoga, Mindfulness, Music Therapy, Recovery Groups, Outside Speakers, Job Services and etc are just some of what halfway house offers as far as sober living services.

The Reserve sober living house, halfway house in Nashville, Tennessee, is a non-licensed facility and provides halfway house type housing.  The Reserve sober living  house is not a medcially licensed treatment center and does not provide professional therapy or counseling.  The sober house recommends  Recovery Unplugged for professional services including counseling, group therapy, Intensive Out Patient, PHP or professional one-on-one therapy.   These professional services are not provided by the Reserve Sober Living House.

The owners of the Reserve sober living Nashville TN are active in AA, NA, ACOA and Ascension Meditation.  The owners from time to time may run and/or bring other non-professional and non-licensed individuals with long term sobriety for Peer run groups.  These peer run groups may include mindfulness and recovery groups, music therapy, yoga, Big Book studies and speaker meetings.  The owners of The Reserve Sober Living House also have experienced profound changes in their lives through Ascension mediation and wish to share practice with others including residents at the Reserve, their family members and/or non-residents by facilitating a 3 day mediation workshop conducted in Nashville every other month.  The Reserve owners cover $150 of the $250 per person charge for this 3-days mediation workshop.   The husband and wife owners treat the residents as family and are here to help any time day or night.

The Reserve  also makes efforts to connect our new residents from out-of-town or out-of-state with temporary sponsors and local support individuals from the Nashville recovery community.  We make every effort to connect our newer residents with sober individuals having the same or similar demographics, back grounds, drug of choice and etc.  We just initiate the connection.  All follow-up is on the shoulders of the new resident and there is no pressure or concern if the connection does not pan out and the new resident finds someone else they prefer as a temporary or permanent AA or NA  sponsor.  We don't micro manage or run anyone's recovery program.  We know from 30+ years of experience that that never works!  We, however, will do everything we can to provide the tools necessary for our residents to thrive and find peace and happiness in sobriety.  It works if you work it!

NARR Level 1 or 2 Service


· Age 18 and over eligible for consideration at the Sober Living House

· Groups Provided Focusing on Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Sobriety at the sober living house or by zoom

- Groups Focusing on Meditation, Mind, Body and Soul at the sober living house or by zoom

- Big Book and Literature Driven Focus Groups at the sober living house or by zoom

· Sober living house community Meeting Focusing on Active Recovery, Sponsorship, Step Work

· Yoga Classes at the sober living house or by zoom

· Fellowship Meal with Outside Speaker at the sober living house or by zoom

· In-House Life Skill Classes at the sober living house or by zoom

- Financial, Budgeting and Credit Counseling at the sober living house or by zoom

- Resume Development and Career Discussions at the sober living house or by zoom

- Periodic Community Cooking Class and Dinner

- Effective/Healthy Written and Communication Skills at the sober living house or by zoom

- Transitional Assistance

· Random Drug Screening

· Hi-Speed Internet, Community Computer and Desk Area

· Cable with HBO

· Family Referral and Collaboration