Sober Living Nashville TN - Sober Living Paperwork & Rules

Click on the link below to Down load the The Reserve for Men and Women Luxury Sober Living House Nashville TN's Resident's Admissions Paperwork, Rules and Resident's Agreement.  The forms in full form are below the link to download the forms.  This is the Sober Living Paperwork that needs t0 be executed for admission into The Reserve Luxury Halfway House Nashville TN - The Reserve,

Sober Living Nashville in TN- Admission Paperwork & Rules

The Reserve Sober Living Admission Paperwork and House Rules are set forth below and can be download

Below is the Sober Living Paperwork for The Reserve Halfway House in Nashville TN - The Reserve Luxury Sober Living House Admission Agreement.  Click the above links for downloadable pdf versions of the below documents. 

The Reserve

2156 A Byrum Ave

Nashville, Tennessee 37203

(850) 687-9823


I, _______________________________, agree to abide by the following as a condition precedent to my acceptance as a resident at and for my continued residency at The Reserve:

(1) I agree to remain drug and alcohol free. (_____);

(2) I agree to participate in the community and peer-to-peer groups offered by The Reserve. (____);

(3) I will utilize my time at The Reserve to focus on attending meetings, getting a sponsor and completing steps with a sponsor during my residency. (_____);

(4) I agree to attend a minimum of 7 AA/NA meetings per week during the first 90 days of sobriety and 5 a week thereafter. (_____) (Note, this can be accomplished via Zoom meetings and attendance at groups provided by Scott G and Doug H and Yoga sessions provided by Noel count toward this meeting total during Corona Virus quarantine).

(5) I will keep my bedroom and house reasonably clean, be respectful of other's property and will not enter another's bedroom without permission. (____);

(6) I will select a home group. (____);

(7) I will select and be working with a sponsor. (_____);

(8) I will obtain the chairperson's signature for each AA/NA meeting attended. (Not Applicable during Corona Virus Quarantine and/or after 90 days of sobriety) (___);

(9) I agree to be in by 11:00 p.m. on weekdays and 12:00 a.m. on weekends. (_____).

(10) I will self-administer medication as prescribed by a physician and keep my medication in the lock box provided. (_____);

(11) I will not discontinue any prescribed medication without a physician's order and I will not give or sell my medication to anyone else. (____);

(12) I agree to participate in regularly scheduled house cleaning to the extent required by the house. (_____).

(13) I agree to maintain a respectable noise level at all times and will not disrupt or be disrespectful to the neighbors at any time. (______);

(14) I agree to participate in and complete aftercare as required by the referring treatment center, counselor or anyone else supervising my progress and/or recovery. (_____).

(15) I will not smoke in the house and agree to limit smoking to the designated out-door areas and I will not leave cigarette butts on the ground. (_____);

(16) I agree to provide two-week notice prior to moving out and clean my room and/or personal area[a] in order to receive return of any security deposit. (____);

(17) I agree that I will have two days to return to the house in gather my belongs if I move out and/or required to move out for any reason. (_____);

(18) I will respect the anonymity of all residents. Resident and house business is confidential and must not be disclosed outside the house. (_____);

(19) I agree not to engage in the following and further agree that engaging the following can serve grounds as immediately termination of my residency at the house and forfeiture of any security deposit:

(a) Violating the anonymity of the house and/or its residents as outlined in ¶ (18) above. (_____);

(b) Violence or threats of physical violence. (_____);

(c) Abusive verbal behavior. (_____);

(d) Physical violence. (_____);

(e) Chronic bad/negative attitude. (_____);

(f) Gambling. (_____);

(g) Destruction of house property. (_____);

(h) Loud music, television, radio or instrument. (_____);

(i) Theft. (_____);

(j) Arson. (_____);

(k) Breaking confidentiality. (_____);

(l) Abusive loud arguments. (_____);

(m) Violation of house policy or procedure. (_____);

(n) Use of drugs or alcohol. (_____);

(o) Possession and/or use of weapons. (_____);

(p) Refusal to submit to drug and/or alcohol confirmation testing. (_____);

(q) Not informing management when you know that a resident is using drugs or alcohol.  (_____);

(r) Not paying monthly fee/rent. (_____); and

(s) Having members of the opposite sex, girlfriends or significant others inside the house and/or  having unauthorized visitors inside the house. (_____).

(20) Prepaid rent/fee monies and security deposit will not be returned to resident if resident was asked to leave for violent behavior, theft, damage to property, not paying rent, relapse/use of drugs or alcohol or refusal to submit to a drug test. (_____).

I, _____________________, agree to pay $_______________ monthly and due every 30 days from the date of this agreement. I further agree to pay a security deposit in the amount of $_____________ that may be applied to cover any damage I cause to the property and/or deficiencies in rent or rent owed when my residency terminates. Security deposits will be refunded in full provided all rents are paid, no damage has been done to property and resident provides two (2) weeks notice of intent to vacate.

I have read and understand the above. (____). I have been afforded the opportunity to ask questions about the above. (____). To the extent I have asked questions about the above, I have been provided satisfactory answers to any questions about the above that I have asked. (_____). I agree to abide by the terms and conditions set forth above as evidenced by my signature below:

_______________________________________  Dated:______________________________


The Reserve

2156A Byrum Avenue

Nashville, Tennessee 37203

(850) 687-9823

Tenant Release Agreement

(1) The Reserve is providing the undersigned tenant, _________________________________, a place to reside in their sober living facility located at 2156 A Byrum Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee, in return for a contracted fee.

(2) The undersigned understands that they shall live in the house under the agreed upon contractual terms and rules as provided and explained and may terminate their residence at any time.

(3) The Reserve is providing sober living housing and does not provide any counseling nor restrict the undersigned from making their own personal choices as long as they do not violate facility rules outlined in their Residency Agreement. All onsite groups are peer-driven.

(4) The Reserve will provide housing in normal condition and shall not be held liable by the undersigned for any injuries or loss to the tenant or their belongings. The undersigned, by and through their signature, acknowledges that they are responsible for any injury or accident and will forever hold harmless The Reserve unless said provider is negligent in the cause of the loss.

(5) The undersigned will immediately notify The Reserve, in writing, of any incident resulting in injury or loss. This will include a full accounting of the incident details.

Signed and dated this ________________ day of ___________________, 20 _____.

FOR THE RESIDENT:___________________________________________________

Print Name:____________________________________________

FOR The Reserve:____________________________________________________

R. Douglas Hanson, II, Founder & CEO

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