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Suggested, Supported and Encouraged Recovery Goals, Nashville Halfway House

The following are the sober living goals at recovery house that we hope and each every resident accomplishes while living at The Reserve Sober Living, Halfway House in Nashville Tennessee sober living community in Nashville TN.  We provide tools and resources to accomplish these goal and encourage residents to utilize their time in sober living to grow and heal spiritually, mental and physically.  Nothing ensures immunity against the next drink like working the steps and engaging in the below.  We know this from experience and use our experience to teach others and help others find a successful path to long-term sobriety, peace and happiness.  It works if you work it!

(1) Maintain sobriety at the Reserve Luxury Sober Living House

(2) Obtain a home group and become active in a home group;

(3) Obtain Sponsor, call Sponsor daily and work steps with Sponsor;

(4) Attend 90 meetings in first 90 days at the house and at least 5 meetings a week thereafter;

(5) Work steps 1 through 8 and make at least 1/2 of your amends prior to discharge;

(6) Works Steps 10, 11 and 12 daily;

(7)  Meditate daily;

(8) Attend all community meetings and in-house groups and classes at the Sober Living House;

(9) Exercise at least twice weekly and attend in-house yoga sessions;

(10) Prepare gratitude list of at least 5 items to share with a housemate on a daily basis;

(11) Prepare a discharge plan and discharge vision to be discussed with owner/operator, sponsor and at a community meeting at least one week prior to discharge;

(12) Utilize house provided resources and in-house life skill classes to secure employment and to prepare to enter the working world;

(13) Discuss job search and job opportunities at weekly community meeting;

(14) If moving out of Nashville at discharge, obtain meeting directory from where you will be living and make efforts to have at least a temporary sponsor in place before relocating; and

(15) Establish a safe and stable place to live upon discharge from The Reserve sober living, Nashville halfway house.