Services Offered by The Reserve Sober Living Homes in Nashville, Tenenssee

NARR Level 2 Services (Monitored)



· Age 18 and over eligible for consideration at the sober living homes, halfway house

·  Weekly Groups Provided Focusing on Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Sobriety

- Weekly Step Study and Recovery Tools Group

- Weekly Group Focusing on Meditation, Mind, Body and Soul

- Weekly Big Book and Literature Driven Focus Groups

· Weekly Community Meeting Focusing on Active Recovery, Sponsorship, Step Work and Meeting Attendance of Each Residence, Accountability, Admissions, Discharges, Rules and Residents' Rights

· In-House Yoga Classes

· Monthly Catered Fellowship Meal with Outside Speaker

· In-House Life Skill Classes

- Financial, Budgeting and Credit Counseling

- Nutrition and Fitness, Vital for Those Quitting Opiates

- Resume Development and Career Discussions

- Monthly Community Cooking Class and Dinner

- Effective/Healthy Written and Communication Skills

- Transitional Assistance

· Gym Memberships including Yoga and Boot Camp Classes

· Limited Number of Monthly House Uber Passes for Those without Vehicles

· Random Drug Screening

· Hi-Speed Internet, Community Computer and Desk Area

· Family Referral and Collaboration Nashville