Resident's Rights for The Reserve Sober House

(1) To live in a clean, safe, drug and alcohol-free environment;

(2) To be treated fairly and have input in admissions and discharge processes;

(3) To discuss grievances with house manager, owner/operator and the owner/operator's oversight organization, but final decisions are left with owner/operator;

(3) To maintain their anonymity and have others affiliated with and/or living at the house respect and protect their anonymity and privacy;

(4) To live in an environment free of threats, physical violence and abusive or aggressive behavior;

(5) To have their property respected and not stolen or used without their permission;

(6) To be provided access to recovery resources and a positive, sober living environment;

(7) To be free from discrimination; and

(8) To discuss additional rights and/or rules during weekly community meetings that may need to be implemented and/or amended.

Nashville Sober Living House, Halfway House

Nashville Sober Living House, Halfway House