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While there is no perfect solution, The Reserve Sober Living in Nashville TN offers private Bedrooms and Bathrooms to sober living residents at its men's and women's Luxury Halfway Houses and only has 4 to 5 Sober Living Residents sharing large 5 Bedroom homes unlike most sober living facilities that stuff 8 to 10 people or more in small older homes with as many as 2 to 4 to a room and 4 or more sharing a single bathroom  We are committed to safety and resident comfort.  Call 850-687-9823 if you have questions or submit your questions through the Contact Us form.  Sober Living Nashville TN (Luxury Halfway House) at The Reserve is sober living at its finest.

About Us - Luxury Sober Living Nashville TN

Sober Living in Nashville TN  Sober Living Luxury Master Bedroom Home Luxury Sober Living Nashville

Who We Are, What We Do and Our Mission

Sober Living Nashville TN - The Reserve provide luxury sober living homes, halfway houses in Nashville Tennessee, for men and women recovering from alcohol or substance abuse.  Our Luxury Halfway Houses provide safe, comfortable, positive, clean and luxurious homes to live while transitioning from treatment or early sobriety back into the "real world." Meaningful and successful recovery is presented as a multi-faceted approach focusing on mind, body and soul.  As part of our sober living services, Residents are provided and can participate in peer-driven or self help meetings led by those with quality sobriety focusing on mindfulness, step work, meditation techniques, yoga and learning tools to live a peaceful, serene and successful life as a recovering alcoholic or addict. Our Vision is to have our residents find their true self and become the men and women they were meant to be and capable of being.  Our Mission is to help those recovery achieve a level of peace and happiness they never though possible without alcohol or drugs through achievement of our sober living Goals and participation in the Services we offer.  The Best in Sober Living Nashville TN (Luxury Halfway House) at The Reserve.

Sober Living in Nashville TN  Sober Living Luxury private bedroom Home Luxury Sober Living Nashville

The Sober Living House - Modern Luxury In WeHo

The Luxury Sober Living House, Halfway House for men is in the Wedgewood Houston ("WeHo") neighborhood. WeHo is in the heart of downtown Nashville, Tennessee, and is one of the better, if not the best, downtown Nashville neighborhoods and urban hotspots.  The sober living home is 1 mile from downtown Nashville, the Gulch and 12 South.  The sober living house is within 2 to 3 miles from Music Row, Belmont University, and Vanderbilt.  The neighborhood and sober living facility is centrally located, has an artistic, music industry vibe and has easy access to the interstate network and lots of area AA, NA, ACA and ALANON meetings.  The location will help you enjoy all the Nashville sober living community has to offer.

The sober living home for men is brand new construction with new high-end furnishings and electronics. The house is over 2,400 square feet and has two outdoor covered decks, one of which has bench seating around a fire pit table. The bedrooms are private and have King and Queen size beds with comfortable linen and HDTVs.

This sober living Nashville TN (Luxury Halfway House) is the nicest sober living house or Halfway House available In Nashville, Tennessee, for those looking for more of a high-end, upscale sober living experience.

Sober Living in Nashville TN  Sober Living Luxury Private bedroom Home Luxury Sober Living Nashville

The Bedrooms and Bathrooms - Private Rooms

Sober living Nashville TN offers privacy and comfort.  The Sober Living House has 5 bedrooms and resident census is kept at 5. All bedrooms are private.  Halfway Houses and sober living homes in Nashville, Tennessee, typically have 2 to 4 sharing a single room.  The Reserve keeps resident census low at both its men and women halfway houses to decrease drama and a create a peaceful, safe living environment and to eliminate the drama and problems typically encountered in small sober living house filled with 8 to 10 or more residents.  We believe in and demand that not just The Reserve, but all people operating sober living facilities should recognize and enforce basic Resident's Rights.  Sadly, some do not, but we do at The Reserve.

The Reserve is a TN-ARR Certified Sober Living House or Recovery Residence.  TN-ARR stands for Tennessee Alliance in Recovery Residences.  The Reserve sober living is not a licensed Halfway House.  Halfway houses typically serve as a step down for incarcerated individuals whereas sober living houses or recovery residences, such as the Reserve, are simply a safe living environment where the use of alcohol and drugs is not accepted.  Sober Living Nashville TN (Luxury Halfway House).

The Reserve Sober Living in Nashville TN Luxury Halfway House Living Room with 70 inch TV

What are Sober Living Houses and Why Nashville

Why Nashville for Sober Living is the is the simplest of the 2 questions to answer.  Nashville is quickly becoming the treatment and recovery capital of the world and the Nashville sober community or recovery community is becoming huge.  AA, NA, CA , ACA, SLA, Alanon, Alateen and 12 step recovery meetings are very positive and upbeat and flooded with younger people.  Nashville is a great place to get sober and a great place to live a sober lifestyle.  Sober living in Nashville Tennessee is the best anywhere.

What are Sober Living Houses?

Formerly called and still frequently refereed to as halfway houses, sober living houses, recovery houses or Recovery residences are simply homes in residential neighborhoods that operate on a rental basis and provide people generally early in recovery a safe, alcohol free and drug free environment in which to live.  The peer pressure is generally to succeed and maintain sobriety.  The Sober Living House, recovery residence  provides a sober support group or support recovery network right there at home for those new and possibly struggling with early sobriety.

The Reserve Sober Living Nashville TN (Luxury Halfway House).

The Reserve Sober Living Nashville TN (Luxury Halfway House)

The following Blog addresses Sober Living in Nashville TN and recovery life at The Reserve Sober Living Nashville TN (Luxury Halfway House).